4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring Luxury Wedding Cars in Brisbane

Are you getting married in 2020? Wedding transport usually refers to luxury cars booking of which should be included in your entire planning and coordination that must work well. Since the day is tailored to you, you might be spending it in the backyard or chapel, and the transportation should be conducted accordingly.

However, planning ahead of the time will let you be at the present moment while enjoying it with your friends and family. However, for many bride and groom, wedding transport seems to be the last thing they give attention to. So, in this content, we are introducing a few questions you must ask yourself before taking transport service-

  • What Style of Transport is Offered?

When you’re asking your transport from a specialised one, look for the type of vehicle they are offering and convey your choices (if there is any). For example, we offer Holden Caprice, Audi A8, BMW 7 series, Mercedes E class, Audi Q7, Lexus ES 2019, Lexus LS and Mercedes Van Vito. So, choose your options accordingly.

  • How Many Cars Do You Need to Book?

It entirely depends on the size of the party and the number of people who need transportation. Usually, we have experienced our clients to book 1-3 vehicles. Traditionally brides arrive with her father, whereas the groom arrives at the venue with his bestmen. Apart from these aspects, consider the bridesmaids and parents who may wish to arrive in style.

So, the selection of cars should be based on how many people you want to accommodate and how they want to arrive.

  • Do You Need to Drive or Chauffeurs Will Be There?

In case you want to drive on your own, you need to opt for car rental. And if you need someone to drive, some companies like us provide licensed chauffeurs. They will be courteous and well-dressed to welcome everyone.

  • Is There Any Additional Cost That Can Be Encountered?

Over-time fees are payable if your event runs over the allocated time and the driver has to wait for you. So, if you think, the party time can exceed on that day, talk to our luxury wedding car vendor in Brisbane, to let them know how much the span could stretch.

You should meet your driver to confirm the schedule. However, many people skip this step. But to have a truly stress-free day, make sure you communicate with your driver beforehand to confirm the times for drop off and pick up. Even, it is regardless to say that you have a dream car in mind, you have to book it earlier to avoid losing the opportunity to book the specific model of the car.

Lastly, we request you not to skip the parking part. Some guests can park it anywhere around. So, apart from considering the parking for your luxury limo, ask the site manager to arrange the parking lot for your guests.

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