Black Wedding Cars – Their Aesthetics and Beyond

BLACK is the most cherished shade when it comes to defining wedding cars. It has been the trend since time immortal if you may say so! Yes, there the whites have always been there, with a substantial extent of fan-following but still have never been able to dislodge their black counterparts off their helm. And when we discuss the ‘newbie’ like pink and blue and the rainbow-colored wedding cars, they go nowhere near the black. In short, black is and always has been the unchallenged cardinal in the world of colours when we discuss wedding cars.

That is the reason when it comes to picking up companies that hire our rental wedding cars in Gold Coast, the companies that have black cars in their fleet, fare better than the others. Well, there are surely more rational and materialistic reasons behind the fame and reputation of these companies, but the shade of their wedding cars is one of the reasons – for sure. We at Black Grandeur Chauffeur are surely one of these companies, with a formidable fleet of black wedding cars for hire.

Now the million-dollar question is what is there in BLACK, which makes the colour so much cherished when it comes to picking up rental wedding cars in Gold Coast as in any other place?

It’s the Colour of Power

Well, black, as the pundits and psychologists say, defines power, wealth, and ambition more than anything else. Now if you think of a wedding, you will find that it is associated with all these psychological intonations in a very subtle way. The ambition of leading a happily married life, a longing for a lot of wealth to enjoy together with and the power (willpower in this case) to lead a modest and decent conjugal life work at the back of the mind of the newlywed couples when they get into the nuptial bond. All these underlying mental tendencies work cohesively, when they opt for their favourite wedding car rental service provider in Gold Coast or anywhere else, depending upon where they hail from.

It has the Visual Appeal

Just imagine a wedding limo in black stopping at the wedding venue with the bride in a milky white wedding dress getting down from it! The moment has a startling visual appeal that will make it an absolute show stopper. The whiteness of the wedding gown against the flawless shining black body of the limo will create a stark contrast, which will have a dazzling effect, the resonance of which will reverberate for long after the moment is gone!

And again, the curves and the creases of the body of a limo, the seamless appeal that the limos come up with are best expressed in black. The colour makes the model more extrovert, thereby helping it to flirt with the occasion, making the entire ambience all the more classy, enigmatic and boisterous. That is perhaps the reason when people come up to us looking to hire a Wedding Limo in Gold Coast, they would always go for black, before any other shade.

 Therefore, if you belong to the league of the black-loving gentlemen, get in touch with us at Black Grandeur Chauffeur at 424540030. We are home to some astounding black wedding cars.