Mercedes Van Vito – the Ultimate in Family Airport Transfers

Mercedes Van Vito has been one of the most trusted names when it comes to airport transfers, more so if you have a family or group of friends to be ferried to and from the airport.

Indeed, most of the times, when our clients book our airport transfer service for a group of traveler`s that’s on the bigger side, they would opt for Mercedes Van Vito. Indeed, it is the blue-eyed model that we have in our fleet at Black Grandeur Chauffeur.

But why? Here the reasons are…

The Trends


Hiring spacious cabs is the trend these days when it comes to travelling. More so, when it comes to airport transfers in Gold Coast or in any other place, the first choice of people is always vehicles with more legs space and higher payload. Mercedes Van Vito fulfills both these conditions.

When viewed from outside, it resembles those VIP-spec vans that are perfect for city airport transfers. Once you open up its double sliding doors, you will be greeted by a format that is outlined with five seats and more importantly, a 3600-litre load ceiling, which is an added advantage in airport transfers.

Aesthetically speaking, this model is planned halfway between a home on wheels and workspace, whereby one can drop in at the hotel with all the baggage and drive off straightaway to meet their clients with all the paperwork and files. Thus, it is essential from very within as a corporate car rental option in Gold Coast when it comes to airport transfer.

The seats and the interior – the feeling of comfort


The seats are spacious and plush, comfortable and textured, while the flooring is solid chipboard.

And then the chauffeur and the passengers can easily adjust and take advantage of the available space. This comes in handy for airport transfers when there is too many luggage.

Apart from the plush interiors, the cockpit of Vito is a class apart. It sets an example as far as usefulness and ergonomics are concerned. It is symmetrical in shape, streamlining the aesthetics, with a clearly defined structure and uncluttered getup that adds to the operational well being.

Apart from everything else, it gives the interiors a clearly defined character, with a lot of dignity and integrity that count in the passengers’ psyche.

A high payload that helps immensely


Right from skilled crafts or trades to retails and service providers, this particular model is excellent. The same can be told when it comes to airport transfer service in Gold Coast, like in any other part of the world.

Vito from Mercedes is an altogether new class in airport transfer luxury car service. The model comes with an increased payload capacity, which makes it so fit for transport services to and fro the airport. People, after all, travel with too many luggage, when the trips are designed to last weeks instead of a handful of days.

The Reliability and Safety Factor


Mercedes has always been modest when it comes to piling on all the consistency quotients in its frame, and that’s true for every model the brand comes up with. More so, the Vito comes up with a spectacular list of features that adds to the reliability and safety factor.

The passenger and driver airbags are of high quality. Some of the value-added features include a lane-keeping assist mechanism, which warns the drivers when they stray out of their designated route without giving any prior indications. Besides, intelligent lighting can modify the power and spread of the high-yield LED headlights. It also has a separation warning mechanism, which channels up, when the car gets too close to another vehicle ahead.

In short, this model is an extremely safe and protected vehicle, making it one of the most preferred options in airport transfers.

Thus, if you are looking forward to hiring this vehicle, Black Grandeur Chauffeur is the name you can do so from. For further details, please call us at 424540030. We will be more than happy to assist you out.