MIND THOSE MANNERS- 4 Etiquette Rules to Follow When Booking a Corporate Limo

Limousines are cool. They always are. Whether it’s for a memorable ride to an exotic location or simply to impress your business delegate, they are always the perfect option.

On-booking, while your primary job is to lay back and enjoy the ride like a VIP, there are some etiquette rules to follow whenever booking such luxury services. Fortunately, they are simple to follow, and it only helps such services offer you better ride experiences and satisfaction!

Let’s Begin!

Always Respect the Designated Driver:-

They are after-all human beings who are designated to offer you quality corporate transfers in utmost comfort and take you to your destination safely and on-time. And although this is not intended to every passenger, some have a habit of taking out their frustrations or showing off unnecessary rowdy behaviour to these drivers (for whatever reason).

Be courteous towards them, especially when they make sure that your every comfort is taken care of and you never get late for anything. Also, don’t ask them to commit anything illegal, such as driving through unsafe areas or over-accelerating. Doing so will only agitate the driver and make it difficult for them to focus on their main task at hand, which is safely navigating the busy traffic.

It’s perfectly OK to exchange conversation with them, to which they will also respond respectfully. Other than relocating you from one-point-to-another without infringing your special event, their job role also require them to be polite and respectful.

Treat The Limo Better Than You Do Yours:-

If you’re booking a corporate limo for the 1st time, then it is only natural to get a bit excited and carried away. Of course, some hold the notion that because they’ve paid for the limo, they can do whatever they want inside till their ride gets over. But, that’s not the right way to behave. These luxury limousines are offered up for rental purposes and anything damaged or stolen from the inside (example glassware) may result in you have to bear the whole expense- not to forget the humiliation that comes with it!

So, regardless of how you treat your own car, treat the rented limo better than you do yours. If you need anything or having issues with something, ask the driver for help.

Get In & Out Of the Limo Appropriately:-

How many celebrities or VIP’s have you found getting inside a limo with their butts sticking out in the air? The answer is not many, and it is because it is not at all elegant!

Truth is, there is a right way to get in and out of limousines. You let the driver/chauffeur open the door, and then you slide into the 1st seat by swinging your legs properly inside. Keeping sliding (slowly, not abrasively) till you reach your seat! The same way applies when getting out of the limo.

However, you shouldn’t have any reason to complain. If your corporate car rental service provider in Gold Coast has sent their limo chauffeur to treat you like a VIP, it is only fair to respond like one (in your own swag)!

Most Importantly: – Mind Your Behaviour & Language!

Refrain from showing any rowdy behaviour or using lewd language be with your riding mate or even with the driver. Also don’t smoke or indulge in any drugs. This could make the driver feel unsafe and even result in premature halting in the middle of the trip.

As much as it is the chauffeur’s responsibility to take care of your safety, you should make it a point not to make them feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way.

Now that you are informed of these etiquette rules put them to good use. As stated above these rules are very straightforward to follow, and it doesn’t require much on your part!

Be polite to your driver whenever they come to serve you. And instead of causing them any trouble, aim to be their favourite passenger!

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