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Some Etiquette Tips to follow During Luxury Airport Transfers in Limo

Limos are ultimate vehicles when it comes to transporting people. Thus every transport company would dream to have a fleet of limos. It augments its status as a transport service provider. We at Black Grandeur Chauffeur are proud to state that we have at our disposal, the best limos that will offer a dream journey, thereby making our service a remarkable one. 

In this write up let us discuss some limo travel etiquette and tips that will make your journey in our limos all the more enjoyable. 

Count the number of guests

If you are hiring the limo for your business delegates, you must count on the numbers. This is to ensure that you opt for the vehicle with enough space for your passengers. While this on one hand would do a world of good for the goodwill of your company, it will make the journey for your visitors all the more memorable. 

Knowing the proper way to sit

Well, if you laugh at this point, thinking it to an utterly silly point, you need to have a second thought. Honestly, this is something that you need to know. In fact, a sound knowledge about the right way to sit will help you avert mishaps and embarrassment. Allow the chauffeur to open the door for you as that’s the driver’s job. Mind your head and get into the first empty seat you get and swing your limbs in a seamless entry. Once you are fully seated, slip and scoot along, till you get yourself to the right seat. 

Know the travelling rules

Most of the transport companies offering luxury transfers to Brisbane Airport would not allow you to smoke. It’s the same for us. Do not smoke, more so if you have co travelers. Be mindful and do not smoke. Even if you are travelling alone, you are not supposed to smoke while travelling. Care for the person who is driving. 

Be generous and professional while interacting with the driver. Refrain from being obnoxious or rude to him or her. The individual is serving you and hence would expect respect from you. 

Do not shout or get into any altercation with your co passenger

Even if there is any difference of opinion between you and your co-passengers, do not get into any heated exchange or altercation. It will distract the chauffeur. Keep the volume of discussion low and decent. Do not use any profanities as that would sound extremely odd and out of place. 

Do not trash the limo 

Every limo hire company in Gold Coast would expect you to leave the limo as courteously as you have got in. Get out of it in a proper way and do not forget to thank the driver. Don’t forget to tip the driver before parting ways. In most cases, the bloke will help you get your luggage out of the limo and help you manage them before someone else takes over. 

And last but not the least, do not leave trash in the limo. 

Thus you see, following these basic rules will help you have a seamless and enjoyable journey. 

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