Travelling Brisbane in Christmas 2019? Know the Places to Explore

When it comes to rewarding yourself this Christmas, schedule your evening to spend at some awesome places in Brisbane city. Meet the friend, add delicious foods, try drinks at some fabulous bars and restaurants to catch up with holiday fun. Here are a few places and events you shouldn’t miss visiting on Christmas-

Gold Lotto City Hall Light:

None can take their eyes off from lighting decorations of Brisbane’s gorgeous refurbished city hall. Like every year, the hall will be transformed with lighting from 12-24 December. The show runs every 15 minutes from 7 pm till midnight. At sharp 7 pm, the city hall clock will chime to start the evening show.

Myers Christmas Parade:

From 12th to 21st December, the parade will take place in the evening. Every day, it will start at 6:30 with a gathering of 200 performers. The pantomime and Christmas parade will make their way through Quest Street mall that starts from queen street and ends at King George Square.

You will find 3 men are riding through the city centre on camels. Santa will be even borrowed on local deer to allow reindeer to rest up for such a big day. Ballerinas, musicians, acrobatic mice, tin men, giant gingerbread, candy canes, dancing Christmas gifts etc. can take the whole event up to a new level.

The Myres Christmas Window Display:

Who doesn’t love to experience animated festive display? In Myers queen street mall windows, there is a tradition that turned into 64 years old this year. While offering free exhibition from 7 pm to 11 pm, it started from 15th November, and it will last up to 5th January.

The Lighting of Christmas Tree:

In King Georges Square, you’ll find largest solar-powered Christmas tree at the Southern hemisphere. Why not ask your driver for corporate car rental in Gold coast to take you to the ceremony that takes place at 6:30 pm, 28th November. And, the tree will be there to mesmerize you till the boxing day.

Christmas Carols in the Park:

It is also called Lord Mayors Christmas carols. The Carols held in city botanic garden that can give you an experience worth getting.

So, these are the most happening events of Brisbane this Christmas. And, if you couldn’t make time for such events, here are a few more escaping zones awaiting for you-

Beach on the Christmas Morning:

Instead of huddling around the fire, you can take your corporate car rental in Brisbane to reach straight at the coastal area to grab some beachside celebrations.

Christmas lunch:

Since Aussies still maintain the tradition of serving hot English roast for Christmas lunch, you will find fresh grilled seafood in the menu.

Unlike other winter places in the world, where dark and freezing days make people stuck at home, Australia doesn’t get over the festivities with a soothing temperature. There are more things to decide for summer days ahead, and with our airport transfers in Brisbane, we can take you to unlimited barbecues and beach trips.