Hire a Limo
Things You Should Not Do While you Hire a Limo in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Hiring a limo underlines your style statement. It goes without saying that when you hire a limo, it adds a new dimension and class, comfort and aristocracy to your travel. Thus, you need to be equally diligent to justify your investment, ensure you make the most of your travel and that also in a very proper way. Therefore, there are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to traveling in the limo that you have hired. 

Do not expect the limo chauffeur to be your luggage bearer: 

Remember, the bloke who is at the wheel of the limo is supposed to drive you to and from your destination. The professional is not your luggage bearer and hence, do not expect the chauffeur to carry you bags and baggage. Yes, they do carry them at times, as a gesture of goodwill, going beyond the protocol, but you cannot expect them to do that always and every time you hire a limo in Brisbane, or elsewhere. And when they do so, it is a good gesture from your end to tip the individual for that. 

Do not ask them personal questions: 

There is no harm to strike up a candid conversation with the chauffeur as that will help to get over the boredom of the trip and to create an informal mood during the trip. However, that does not mean you can ask anything and everything. Ensure that the conversation does not get too personal and refrain from asking questions that may leave the person embarrassed, enraged, or insulted. 

Do not ask the chauffeur to deviate from the agreed route:

Whenever you hire a limo service, you are required to set the route for the limo to travel, depending upon your destination. Yes, at times the chauffeur has to deviate from that route, but that’s under emergencies like traffic snarls and other blockages. However, under normal circumstances, you are not supposed to deviate from the route that has been agreed upon. And even if you do so for an unavoidable circumstance, you have to pay a handsome tip for that at the end of the journey. 

Littering is an offence: 

Indeed, it is! Do not litter while travelling in a limo. You need to keep the interiors as clean as you saw it when you boarded it. Do not eat as that might leave the upholstery littered. Do not drink as you may spill the drink and you may not be in the best of conditions, when you have a couple or so drinks a bit too much. The limo hire services, however, do offer drinks as a value addition to their service though conditions for that differ. 

Do not misbehave with the chauffeur: 

The chauffeurs of limo hire service providers in Gold Coast are expected to be professional and cordial with you and are also known to go beyond their protocols to provide customised, value added service. Thus, you are expected to be equally cordial to them. Misbehaving with them is a strict NO-NO. 

Thus you see, keeping these things in mind will help you out in enjoying the best limo hire service in your locality. If you are in Brisbane, Gold Coast area, Black Grandeur Chauffeur is the best option.  To book a service call, dial at 0424540030.