Efficacy of Quality Airport Transfer during this Pandemic Period – A General Discussion

The spell of the COVID 19 virus is far from over. In fact, the virologists and the medical practitioners are anticipating a renewed vigour of the virus all over the world, and the same has been reflected by the WHO. However, the entire world is in the process of gradual unlocking and thus, traveling is resuming. The Australian airports have been open for long and people are flying from one city to another.

However, when it comes to visiting to and from one city to another, people have to be extra cautious these days. The same can be told about those traveling to and from the Brisbane airport. Dropping the guards is out of question, and this is where the companies that offer airport transfers in Brisbane, Gold Coast, are playing a pivotal role in a great way. These companies are taking special precautions for safeguarding their passengers against the virus.

Naturally, people are also paying more heed to these companies while traveling to and from the airport. Take, for instance, Black Grandeur Chauffeur. We are one of the most reputed companies that offer top class airport transfer services.

But why?

Here are the reasons…

Our drivers are well trained to keep the hygienic aspects in mind…always!

All the drivers who ferry our passengers are more than familiar with the basic hygiene norms that are rolled out by the Govt. They would not carry the luggage of the passengers (for a change at present), and will always keep a safe distance from them. They would wear masks, and would never deal with currencies. Even if they have to, in that case they will opt for thorough sanitisation of their hands.

They would thoroughly wash their hands and sanitize them. They would never have food while driving and will never allow passengers to do the same during the journey during airport transfers in Gold Coast. And we will never put into service any driver with even the remotest symptoms that might resemble that of COVID 19 infection, like even the mildest temperature, sore throat, pain in the throat, cough and cold, running nose, nausea, and the likes.

They will take care of the cars

We have the fleet of some of the most impeccably maintained vehicles to ensure a seamless and comfortable journey to and from the airport in Brisbane. Now, in this situation, our drivers are trained to take extra care when it comes to cleaning and sanitising the vehicles.

Between journeys, they would carry our thorough sanitisation and cleaning of the vehicles, with special care being taken to sanitize the high touch areas like the seat, the door handles, the mattresses, the dashboard, the wheel the controls, and the window glass, the glass operator buttons and the likes.

This ensures that whenever a passenger is getting into a car, it is sanitized and cleaned most immaculately.

The drivers would take the shortest route

All our drivers are local and hence they are more than familiar with all the routes between the airport in Brisbane and your destination. Thus, they will follow the shortest route and thus, will cut down the travel time drastically, to help you get to your destination at the earliest, so that you can get yourself cleaned and sanitized at the earliest.

Thus you see, when you hire a reputed company for airport transfer service, they will help you to travel in an absolutely safe and quick way even in this situation. This is what we, at Black Grandeur Chauffeur would do when you hire us. To do so, and to know further about our service, call us at 0424540030.